Also known as Facial Energy Release.


Rejuvanessence is an extraordinary natural facial rejuvenation therapy that works much more deeply than a beauty treatment.


It is blissfully relaxing and restorative to the body, mind and spirit as well as the face.


Exquisite, light touch massage techniques release tension in the face, neck, head and shoulders and restores the skin’s natural suppleness, creating a more relaxed and youthful look.


True holistic skincare with cumulative long term benefits.


Express the beauty of who you are.

• Profound relaxation to body, mind and spirit


• Release of tension in the face, neck, head and shoulders


• Improves skin tone and restores natural elasticity of the face


• Softens fine lines and firms the jawline


• Creates a more youthful, expressive and relaxed appearance


• Boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage


• Supports release of blocked energy, thus may ease headaches; sinus problems; jaw and shoulder tension, as well as release of any stuck emotions

Your face and skin is a mirror: reflecting who you are, what is going on inside your body and what you are feeling.


It is your primary organ of emotional expression, what you are projecting outwards into the world and how you communicate with others.


Life’s stresses and experiences imprints in your cellular memory, in your facial muscles and fascia,

especially in chronic emotional states and habitual expressions.


Muscles contract and tighten, fascia shortens and stiffens, energy and blood flow is restricted. Lines become more apparent and skin becomes lacklustre.


The unique quality of Rejuvanessence is in its effect mobilising and restoring flexibility to the connective tissue.


Not only does this soften skin and improve complexion through a renewed supply of oxygen and nutrients and improved lymphatic drainage, it creates space for the muscles to relax so we are able to work more deeply releasing muscle tensions as we progress through a course of treatment.


The muscles become more elastic and toned; movement is restored.

Skin regains its vitality and the face becomes more expressive and harmonious.


As well as letting go of physical tensions, emotional and energetic blocks that are held in the face, head, neck and shoulders can be gently cleared whilst working along meridians and acupuncture points. Natural flow of energy is enhanced, allowing a greater expression of your true and radiant self.

“I wish Hollie lived nearer to me – I would use her all the time. Having had Rejuvanessence treatments with her, I have experienced hands on her expertise, professionalism and naturally therapeutic treatments essential but not always evident in many therapists. Hollie is one of those lucky ones.
Thoroughly recommended.”



“Rejuvanessence is unlike any other facial treatment I have ever tried; and I have tried many in a bid to help my problem skin. It is a completely unique experience that has improved the overall quality of my skin and left me with a relaxed and refreshed sense of well being. Although I’m sure that much of this credit is due to the technique I think much is also owed to Hollie herself. From the moment I first met Hollie I felt completely confident in her and cannot speak highly enough her; she is dedicated,  compassionate and an expert in her chosen field. I recommend both Rejuvanessence and Hollie to all of my friends and will continue to do so.”



” I am very pleased to be a loyal and repeat client for Hollie. I am 52 years old and suffer from chronic migraine. Hollie has helped me to manage my condition so very well with her Rejuvanessence treatments. The muscle tension is released from my face, neck and shoulders with this treatment, relieving me of discomfort and pain. The treatment is gentle, relaxing and gives me a wonderful feeling of wellbeing. I have been able to reduce my medication and regain a better quality of life. In addition, I am thrilled that all my facial lines and wrinkles are “ironed out” making me look great! I can’t thank Hollie enough for her care, compassion and knowledge. “



“I have been very pleased with the results of the Rejuvanessence technique given to me by Hollie. The difference in my skin has been quite noticeable, and was especially so during the facials when one massaged side of my face was compared to the side that had not been. My skin is softer now and my lips more plump than before. The soft, finger-tip massages were extremely relaxing and I would very much like to continue with this technique in the future. The initial talk before the Rejuvanessence began was illuminating and the advice very helpful. I have since been drinking much more water, now enjoy doing so, and feel so much better for it. I enjoyed all aspects of this technique and would not hesitate to recommend it.”


£60 for 1½ Hours
or £330 for full course of 6 treatments
(saving you £30)*


A course of Rejuvanessence comprises of six 1½ hour sessions,

each working on different areas, ideally weekly for the greatest benefit.


Maintenance treatments 6-8 weekly are recommended for optimal results.

Or, some clients prefer to have a course of treatment a couple of times a year.


It is a safe, gentle treatment, that is completely natural and non-invasive**


I also like to incorporate Reiki, Essences + Jade Rollers into some sessions, depending on your individual needs.


*Must be booked and paid for at your first treatment

 **It is suitable for everyone, but if you have had Botox or fillers it is advised to leave at least 6 weeks before commencing Rejuvanessence.