“Health depends on being in harmony with our souls”

Dr. Edward Bach


Flower essences are a form of subtle energy medicine.


They are liquid solutions that contain the life force and therapeutic qualities of the flower, tree, or other natural source.


Essences are gentle, yet potent healing tools that can bring about transformation in your life.


They bring us emotional freedom, mental clarity, self awareness and spiritual growth.


Bloom into the true YOU.

Flower & vibrational essences support our emotional wellbeing, mind-body health and spiritual development, bringing awareness, healing and lasting positive change in our lives.


Gentle and safe for all to use, essences can be particularly helpful for ~


Stress, anxiety, depression, confidence, grief, life changes and transitions (such as menopause, divorce, job loss), shock and trauma & much more.


They work by vibrational resonance and are completely natural, unscented remedies.

As they only carry the energy and nothing of the plant itself, they are completely safe to take alongside other medicines, Homeopathy, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Essences are traditionally taken under the tongue, although they can be used in other ways ~ in your drinking water, in a bath, meditated with, and used topically.


Taking essences over time will help you feel more vital and in touch with nature and your true self.


They awaken us ~ they stir the soul into remembering who we truly are

£45 for 1 Hour
(Includes your essences)


At your first consultation we will go through an in-depth consultation form to get an overall picture of your health and wellbeing, and gain clarity on where you would like support from the essences so we can tailor a unique blend of resonant essences just for you.


As well as my own Illuminessence essences, I work with a variety from many ranges including:


Healing Herbs (Dr. Bach)

Wild Medicine

Alaskan Essences

Flora Corona