Smokey Quartz | Peace Be The Earth Essence


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Gently brings energy down through the body and into beautiful Mother Earth


Reassures that it is safe to be here, with the loving support of the Elemental kingdom


Soothing and calming to the emotions as it transmutes unwanted energies naturally through the Earth


Made with natural Smokey Quartz in Sunlight at Full Moon.



Earthing, Safety, Soothing, Transmuting, Comforting, Stability



10ml Stock Strength



Since we are all unique, each person will be suited to a different dosage and method of use. It is best to use your own intuition and guidance with this in mind. However here are some ideas:


1-3 drops of essence in a glass of water and sip
1-3 drops of essence under the tongue, twice daily
Holding the bottle in meditation
Adding a few drops to bath water
Adding a few drops to a spray bottle with water and mist your aura