Sacral Release Essence


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Break through frozen emotions held in the body, rooted in the sacral and womb area.


Those old, stuck emotions
It is safe to release them
Let them wash over you & into Mother Earth
Thank them for the teachings & allow them to leave you


Co-created with Selenite Ice on a Blue Blood Supermoon & Eclipse.



Release, Emotional cleansing, Clearing, Letting go, Sacral, Womb healing



10ml Stock Strength



Since we are all unique, each person will be suited to a different dosage and method of use. It is best to use your own intuition and guidance with this in mind. However here are some ideas:


1-3 drops of essence in a glass of water and sip
1-3 drops of essence under the tongue, twice daily
Holding the bottle in meditation
Adding a few drops to bath water
Adding a few drops to a spray bottle with water and mist your aura